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I am a huge fan of Newgrounds ever since I got here through Friday Night Funkin. My goal is to bring to light some of the undiscovered artists that Newgrounds has yet to recognize, and create an animated series for the site to enjoy.



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I'm getting tired of people not voting or reviewing my work.

Posted by Irongenic - 8 days ago

Look fellas, I know that there are a lot of people who just want to admire the artwork, but I really am getting angry that I don't know whether or not people like it, so please. If you view my artwork or my other content, please rate it and comment on it. I am really eager to find out if my work is worthy of the art portal. I'm literally autistic, and no, that's not a joke. It makes me angry to wait to find out what people think of my content, and I really would like to know. So please, vote on it, and give it a comment. And if you do, maybe I could scout your artwork. Seriously, guys, let me know.



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Please stop ignoring me like I'm not special. I am a human just like you all, and I want to feel welcome here.

Is not a thing about ignoring content, the art portal is fast and not many people look for art from undiscovered artists all the time. Sometimes your drawings will just get lost in the sea of other drawings.

I saw this news post show at the bottom of a page randomly, so I left a few ratings on some pieces. The main things I think can be improved on are focusing on anatomy, making more refined lineart, and using more variety in color to really make pieces pop out (color theory). I can try to help if you'd like, but my primary art currently is digital.

Show me what you can do. If it's good, I might be willing. Currently, I would like to see it in an anime format.

@Meowingcat92AJ @Irongenic I've never really drawn anime. I made something quickly traditionally though based on what I can see in your pfp. Whenever I draw traditionally I have the habit of refusing to use anything other than pencil, yet I have tons of gel pens and colored pencils. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/570028217688260639/853084734552539176/20210611_203358.jpg?width=430&height=573

Oh my goodness, bro. It's amazing. What about the other characters?